4Cs -Empowering people to make a difference together locally

WiseTribe’s 4Cs is a collaborative learning process that empowers people to make a difference together locally.

This 4 step is designed to help people Connect, Collaborate, Co-create, and Celebrate positive change by working together on the subjects that matter most to them within their communities.

Step #1 – Connect – Driven by personal passions, people CONNECT, imagine and present ideas as a community to proactively think about our shared future. Project ideas emerge as collaboration opportunities. 

Step #2 – Collaborate – Based on interest, Tribes form and then collaborate via a one-day design thinking workshop to build plans for implementing projects which make a difference in the community.

Step #3 – Co-create – Tribes co-create Impact projects by working together and implement their plan over a 3-month period.

Step #4 – CELEBRATE! – To inspire further goodwill, this “edu-tainment” showcase invites the entire community to explore the ideas and wisdom co-created by the Tribes as they share their learning with us in creative ways. Let’s Celebrate our shared humanity! 

We hope you will join WiseTribe by participating in this process for empowering people and strengthen local communities. 


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