WiseTribe is an education nonprofit that empowers individuals as engaged citizens through collaborative learning opportunities. By bringing diverse generations and cultures together for project-based experiences, WiseTribe strengthens the wellbeing and sustainability of our communities.

Our learning projects are forward thinking, fostering social innovation and economic development within local economies. Innovative ideas are exchanged, relationships are sparked, and new skills are developed as we build a better world – and have fun doing it.

Our How

WiseTribe’s primary offering is our 4Cs, a combined process of connection, collaboration, co-creation and celebration that unites people from diverse backgrounds. Tribes form and systematically participate in projects of personal interest generally over a three- to four-month period, which we call a WiseTribe Season, elevating the collective wisdom of a local community.

Connect. Wisdom Exchanges are interactive workshops that spark both personal and professional wisdom and inspire us to connect, imagine and present ideas driven by our personal passions. Wisdom Exchanges foster relationships which enhance our collective wellbeing while prompting us to proactively think about our shared future.

Collaborate. Solutionism is a one-day, design-thinking workshop bringing impact ideas to life. Ideas are presented, Tribes are formed, roles are established, and plans are agreed to for implementation over the course of a WiseTribe Season. This workshop offers the opportunity for ‘like-vision’ people to connect as a Tribe, plus learn new skills, catalyze change, and tangibly make a difference in their community.

Co-Create. Impact projects are worked on independently throughout the WiseTribe Season as a Tribe, while individuals are also exposed to inspiring personal development opportunities. Current Impact Projects include:

Celebrate. As a culmination of the WiseTribe Season and to inspire further goodwill within our communities, the WiseTribe Celebration is an “edu-tainment” event (similar to a TED Talk) for exchanging ideas and wisdom co-created by the Tribes. Local arts, entertainment and influencers also join in to celebrate our shared humanity.

Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.
– Vincent Van Gogh

Our Team

Jacqueline Botting

Founder & Chief Visionary


Tevin Ali

Millennial Campaign Leader


Mayte Nilsson

Public Relations


Lyndsi Stafford

Social Media Strategist

Niva Laurent


It Takes a Tribe to Raise a Vision

There are so many amazing individuals who have helped WiseTribe along the way and we are so grateful for their contributions. Truly, it takes a Tribe to raise a Vision.

We are always interested in connecting with individuals and organizations who have an interest in supporting our mission.

Please email us at Together@WiseTribe.Us | 135 E Atlantic Ave, Delray Beach, FL 33444

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