Embracing Our New Age of Collaboration

We live in a world of complex and constant change. Preoccupied with the endless details of modern life, it is difficult to grasp how the nature of change is impacting our humanity.

Technology is no longer a tool of efficiency but an intimate companion that dominates our social and psychological lives. As we’ve come to outsource our social and emotional needs to online networks, we’ve become a hyper-expressive, consumption-based culture desperate for validation. A common dissatisfaction and emptiness with life is on the rise as these superficial and materialistic means become our modern values.

Many of us are yearning for lives of greater significance built from the simple cure of meaningful social bonds, helping others and making a contribution beyond ourselves.

The collaborative nature of our humanity is dawning as we move into this new phase of cultural evolution, presented with a stunning moment to harvest the fruits of one another’s wisdom. This is strikingly different from previous eras. Not based on how well we work together to produce food, nor how efficiently we manufacture and sell, or how well we organize and utilize information, this next phase of evolution is based on how well we can relate to one another. Our very ability to work towards a unifying purpose. This change will continue to impact how we live, work, create and trade.

Here’s How We Want to Help

Within our society’s collective composition we believe there is a dormant yet abundant resource which people long before us understood. The “aging” boom offers us essential wisdom for the future of humankind. Generations will need each other more than we currently think. Through collaboration we are wiser and to restore balance and harmony we must realize a new society together.

Life experience is one of our greatest untapped resources. We must share life lessons and explore new options that help us make the most of our time together. How we choose to spend our time will be more important than how we spend our money. We see a need for more social options that bring people together, from different backgrounds and different generations.

We must create a vision for a new world, honoring wiser ways and inherent truths, connecting multi-generations in creating a collaborative culture of the future. We will advance from activism and unite in “solutionism,” as we partake in creating better together and make the collective creative process joyful. We will expand our minds, learn from each other and open new ways of relating.

By sharing stories and personal wisdom, new ideas emerge. Shifts in thinking will occur and new possibilities abound. And our collective wisdom towards a brighter future will present itself.

Our evolution will be gauged on how every single one of us experiences solidarity with all of humanity. Being part of the solution. Helping others succeed because the best way to help yourself is to help someone else. A society that is diverse and intergenerational thrives.

And never underestimate the power of fun.