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Our Vision Tribe

A group seeking greater meaning and purpose.

Our founder started beating the drum for a wiser world after realizing that she and so many others were seeking greater meaning and purpose. She sensed we were in changing times and we needed new ways of approaching the future for greater satisfaction. She was inspired by the concept of using Mother Nature as a mentor; specifically, the concept of evolutionary biology, and used this as a guide to found WiseTribe. Science tells us that, to evolve and thrive, collaboration among diverse elements is essential for a species. 

Our Board shares this vision. They don't shirk from the challenges of our world but face complexity head-on. As an organization, we are committed to adaptive and conscious leadership. We value learning and growing together. 

Our entire tribe, including a cohort of freelancers, committee members, donors, volunteers, and mentees, is visionary, forward-thinking, creative, and passionate about designing a healthier, wiser world. 

Are we a tribe for you? 

If so, learn more about our work, become a WiseTriber, donate, volunteer, and stay updated

"Leadership is the capacity to turn vision into reality." 

Warren Bennis

"None of us is as smart as all of us." 

Ken Blanchard