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What are you doing to become a lifelong learner to thrive in a rapidly changing world?

Relevance in Changing Times We need to actively involve in lifelong learning because we are moving into a Fourth Industrial Revolution which promises will fundamentally alter the way we live, work, and relate to one another. In its scale, scope, and complexity, the transformation will be unlike anything humankind has experienced before.  The First Industrial [...]

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The positive influence of Tribe

Behavior is Contagious We are all social creatures participating in a variety of human networks like school, work or neighborhood associations. These social networks have characteristics that define them and the individuals who participate in them. The old adage of "birds of a feather flock together" comes to mind. These networks have value and purpose---they [...]

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#MeatlessMonday, a quest for food sustainability in PBC Schools

If you've been following WiseTribe, you know in our quest for a wiser world that we celebrate #MeatlessMonday, a global movement to increase personal and environmental health by forgoing meat once a week. In the Fall of 2016, WiseTribe teamed up with a passionate group of 3rd graders from Spady Elementary School to energize #MeatlessMonday [...]

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Turn up the Learning this Summer!

Whahooo! It's Summer! Summertime means kids can take time to relax and recharge after the hard work of the school year. However, for any society that wishes to be healthy and balanced, the “lazy days of summer” come with a significant hidden cost: the dreaded summer slide. Studies show that students lose academic ground over [...]

Getting Real with Community Wellbeing

The concept of economic well being as priority policy for local and national governments has recently received increased attention. The City of Santa Monica and the countries of New Zealand, France and Bhutan have adopted economic well being as guide posts for governmental policy and budgets rather than more traditional measures such as GDP. Typical [...]

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Junior WiseTriber Innovating Composting

Composting can be messy business, which is why most people avoid it. When we look at the bigger picture, however, composting can be a win-win-win in terms of cost savings, fertilizer production, and reduced emissions. One Junior WiseTriber wants to help families and neighborhoods take the ick factor out of composting and make it more [...]

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What will a Sustainable Future Look Like?

Last week marked the highest concentration of CO2 in the Earth’s atmosphere in over half a million years. Scientist have been warning there is already enough carbon dioxide and methane currently in the atmosphere which will continue to make the world warmer for many decades to come. To dramatically reduce the carbon footprint within the [...]

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