Be the Solution to the Plastics Problem

Be the Solution for a Plastics Free Future If not you, then who is going to break our dependence on single use plastics? Fortunately, individuals, the business community, city governments, and not for profits are assuming leadership. However, more needs to be done. Let's explore what you and like minded individuals can do to reduce [...]

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What can local & national businesses do to be part of the plastics solution?

Here in Delray Beach, a FL city leader in the plastics problem, we held a Town Hall meeting last Monday night to discuss the role of various stakeholders in tackling the problem. Unfortunately, one day later, on Tuesday, the Florida legislature voted to obliterate the home rule rights of local communities to solve the challenges [...]

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Plastic Planet Town Hall, Delray Beach, FL

Our community has a well deserved reputation of recognizing problems (or opportunities) and coming together to address them. The emerging crisis of single use plastics is a good example. Delray city government has implemented a sensible plan for banning plastic straws. We all recognize this is a symbolic gesture, a good first step, and more [...]

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Introducing Junior WiseTribers

Hatching from our work with Carver Middle School, our first class of Junior WiseTribers has been born. Together with the students and staff, we have been implementing a community food system at the school and kick-started an urban farming movement via upcycling projects and nutritional awareness We are expanding Junior WiseTriber to make a greater [...]

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Philanthropy in Transformative Times

WiseTribe could be awarded $100,000 to foster next generation environmental leaders! Wednesday, April 17th, we find out if the prestigious Impact 100 Palm Beach County grant is awarded to us in the Environmental category for a program called Junior WiseTribers. Watch for more exciting stuff on Junior WiseTribers soon... Today's focus is on philanthropy moving [...]

Life’s an Adventure With WiseTribe

There you are. It's a Saturday, and you’re looking for something to do.  Your normal Netflix routine just isn’t cutting it anymore, but you’re not quite sure who to call or where to go. You’re in luck The WiseTribe team has something that’s going to get your juices flowing. Keep reading if you’re ready to [...]

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Planting the Entrepreneurship Seed: How Community Gardening Helps Youth Learn the Business of Impact

This post discusses how entrepreneurship is a skill that can be developed at an early age. Community gardening offers youth the opportunity to learn important business skills in addition to revitalizing local food infrastructure.   Building Things and Solving Problems: Entrepreneurship 101 One of the things that make America one of the best countries to [...]

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