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Commit to #MeatlessMondays with #1000WT

How Many People Does It Take to Change The World?

WiseTribe is all about strength in numbers. With just 1,000 people committed to any cause, a massive impact can be made at scale. WiseTribers understand that a huge cultural evolution is underway in regards to Meatless Mondays and that creating a brighter future requires input from all walks of life.

We must plant the seeds now to harvest a wiser world, and there is no better way to do that than with the Meatless Monday campaign.

Did you know that 2,500 gallons of water are needed to create one single pound of beef, and that eating one fewer burger per week is equivalent to driving your car 320 fewer miles?

It’s numbers like that that prove just how powerful the Meatless Monday movement is.

Schools across Florida and the rest of the nation have adopted the lifestyle in an effort to create more sustainable lifestyle habits within our youth and to establish a healthier atmosphere around the world.

Our food system is one of the issues pushing the planet to its limits. 

WiseTribe’s shared action model of teamwork-based action at the local level is our method to achieve real-world change, as no community food culture can exist without a unified network of people guided by strong values and beliefs that a great future is just around the corner.

You care about Meatless Mondays because you are an innovator.

You want to change the world, but aren’t exactly sure how.

The Meatless Monday initiative, along with many of WiseTribe’s other efforts to build Food Citizenship, are implementing macro change on a micro level, and we want you to be a part of it as well.

Join WiseTribe on a mission for smarter health today and become a part of the solution as a #1000WT. Our fun team and community prides itself on making the world a better place and having fun in the process.