#GetDirtyInDelray  – Volunteer Opportunity Alert: Join us February 8th – February 10th!


 How to Get Dirty in Delray with #GardenGates and WiseTribe

WiseTribe is here is to help make the conversation around food a whole lot easier.

We’ve launched and participated in local community initiatives like #MeatlessMondays and #GardenGates to help out the community.

Our goal?

To provide you with fun and thought-provoking ways to change your behaviors and make better choices.

Navigating this new world doesn’t have to be difficult.

In fact, it shouldn’t be.

Which is why we asked ourselves the question:

“What could happen if  1,000 people came together to complete simple acts and behavioral shifts on food, well-being and learning?”

This week, we followed that up, asking our audience – if you had 24 hours, how would you end hunger?

Bringing Urban Gardening to Delray, West Florida, and Beyond

One of our first social experiments, #GardenGates, was designed to help make behavioral changes easier.


The old way of doing things is going away – which means its time for a better, wiser, and more thoughtful, society.

Sustainable home gardens are a fun way to take the challenge!

WiseTribe’s founder, Jacqueline Botting launched WiseTribe as a way to provide local residents with a means to empower themselves.

While our mission started in Delray, we’ve quickly begun branching out.

By purchasing your garden gate, you’ve made the simple choice to grow a sustainable home garden – with just a few simple steps.

If you’re ready to take the plunge and make a commitment to fresh produce, and social change, be sure to join our tribe and claiming your #GardenGate.

Be sure to join the WiseTribe team February 8 – 10th for your chance to volunteer.

We are looking for imaginative people who can envision different ways of producing healthy food and sustainable urban agriculture to move Delray forward.

Starting this Friday, February 8th, we are seeking people to help with constructing, painting, and planting to help us lay the seeds of establishing a community food production system.

This activity will not only be fun it will be an opportunity for families to work together for a healthier lifestyle.

Don’t be shy. We need YOU!

Our volunteering opportunities are flexible and we encourage you to invite family, friends, and neighbors to join us you in this modern VICTORY GARDEN opportunity.

United We Grow.