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Spark a Food Revolution through Youth Artwork

Artwork Food Revolution Celebrating Black History

Food is medicine. 

Food is a solution. 

Food can be an instrument for a just, healthy and sustainable future.

It's time for a Food Revolution. 

That’s why WiseTribe is sponsoring an art contest at the upcoming African History Youth Awareness Festival on Friday, February 18th. We are seeking artwork from youth that paints a new vision for a healthy, equitable future. 

Youth artwork that depicts a vision of a Healthy Future for Black Families through Food will be eligible to win the following prizes:

  • $250 for 1st place
  • $100 for 2nd place
  • $50 for 3rd place

How to enter your ART to win: 

  1. Create artwork on an 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper & your name must be printed on the front side in the lower right-hand corner. On the back of the paper, write WiseTribe, the name of your school and your grade.  
  2. Artwork must be related to the health of black families through food
  3. Art must be submitted to WiseTribe at SouthTech between February 1st to February 4th 
  4. Take a photo of your artwork and share it on Instagram by Feb. 1st. Be sure to tag @WiseTribe and use #FoodCitizenship and #HealthyFoodForAll as hashtags in your caption

The winners will be announced at the 2022 African History Youth Awareness Festival on Friday, February 18th from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. and the Spady Museum: 170 NW 5 Avenue | Delray Beach, FL | 33444

So. Show us what you've got—it's simple, we promise!