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Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: A guy retires. He’s bored. He needs something to do.

Actually, don’t stop me. This story has a happy ending.

Recently retired men and women face challenges when adjusting to retired life. For some, the solution to keeping busy and, moreover, remaining vital, is to become an entrepreneur. A recent article in takes a look at the successful efforts of recently retired Michael Lowe and his son-in-law, John Uselton.


“The rise of senior entrepreneurs like Mr. Lowe has been well documented. But start-ups like the one begun by Mr. Lowe and Mr. Uselton are a new twist in the trend, and a variant of traditional family businesses: so-called legacy partnerships. The partnerships are started at or near the older partner’s retirement from a lifelong career, so two generations bring complementary assets to a new business. The assets are typically capital and experience from the older partner and energy, technical expertise or online marketing skills from the younger.”

If you’re concerned about what to do in retirement, give back to younger generations and stretch yourself in a new direction by becoming an entrepreneur. What better time than now?


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