Our food system is one of the greatest pressure points pushing the planet to its limits. Food production must be transformed to generate more nutritious food with a lower environmental footprint and in the process address problems of food inequities.

WiseTribe uses a shared action model of people working together at the local level to achieve real world change. By organizing local resources including schools, not-for-profits, civic-minded corporations, and municipalities into a network of co-creators, WiseTribe assembles an ecosystem of healthy food production.

A thriving, self-reliant community food culture requires a unified network of people who are guided by strong values and beliefs that the future can be better – and it can be created through community food production.

So if you consider yourself an innovator, problem solver, influencer, advocate, trend setter, or community entrepreneur, please consider joining WiseTribe in one or all of the following projects either as a project donor, project participant, or volunteer.


A Civic Agriculture movement that makes us wiser about healthy eating through locally-based, sustainable backyard farming practices and shared community resources

Youth CSA

More info coming soon!

Garden Gates

100% upcycled, vertical, compact container gardens made from cast-off wood pallets and recycled plastic bottles


FarmBot brings advanced computer science to the art of gardening providing a productivity boost for busy families who value self-sustaining food.

Meatless Monday

A global movement to positively impact our environment and public health by forgoing meat and dairy one day a week

Food Wonder Bag

Addressing the significant and often-overlooked gap of getting garden-grown food onto our plates


Providing local gardeners with the technology to produce rich, loamy compost to enrich Florida’s sandy and depleted soil