The What

WiseTribe sells backyard bins for composting food scraps, yard waste and newspapers, providing local gardeners with the technology to produce rich, loamy compost to enrich Florida’s sandy and depleted soil.

The Why

Food system activities, including producing, transporting and disposing of food, generate up to 30 percent of total global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Of these sources, livestock production is the largest, accounting for an estimated 14.5 percent of global GHG emissions from human activities, according to the United Nations.  Meat and dairy from ruminant animals, such as cattle and goats, are particularly emissions-intensive.

Ultimately, changing the types of foods people eat and how those foods are produced is better for the climate than reducing the distances foods travel. One study from the United Kingdom estimated that avoiding air-freighted and hothouse-grown foods could reduce dietary GHG emissions by 5 percent—compared with a 35 percent reduction from eliminating meat from diets. Another study from the US found that avoiding red meat and dairy one day a week reduces GHG emissions more than eating locally every day.

One of Mother Nature’s most prolific inventions is one we so often take for granted. Dirt is truly the overlooked blessing which leads to so much in terms of nourishing people, their families and our communities.

The Who

Along with our partners, the Delray Beach Children’s Garden, Carver Middle School, Capital One, Spady Museum and many more we hope to add to this collaboration, WiseTribe is sparking a community movement (and social experiment!) for container gardens called #GetDirtyInDelray.

How You Can Participate

Join us in forward-thinking solutions such as up-cycling plastics for container gardens, experimenting with sharing models, and fostering youth leadership. If we are to have a breakthrough toward a future of wellbeing, we need everyone to play a part and we need your involvement. Your support in this exciting, entertaining, and intergenerational community project can lead to a better future through locally produced food, neighborhood collaborations and a sense of common unity.

It may look gross, but this is gold!

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