Garden Gates

The What

The “Garden Gate” is a 100% upcycled, vertical, compact container garden made from cast-off wood pallets and recycled plastic bottles. WiseTribers are designing, building, and distributing Garden Gates as a way to generate civic agriculture, low-tech innovations, plastic recycling and healthy neighborhoods as part of the #GetDirtyInDelray movement.

The Why

Why Text

The Garden Gates can be stylishly made at low cost, help people save money to eat healthier, and raise awareness of of the damage caused by single-use plastics.

We dream this project encourages out of the box thinking for healthy eating, food innovations, and sparks low-tech innovations which makes us healthy and earth friendly human beings. Imagination is the beauty of low tech innovations as a high level of skill or expertise is not needed. A passion for discovery in finding better ways forward drives this project.

The Who

Youth and adults from various neighborhoods in Delray Beach design and construct the Garden Gates and deliver them to their new homes.

How You Can Participate

Mentor a group of kids to collaborate in assembling and selling a Garden Gate so they can make some cash.

Volunteer with mentors and students to upcycle and construct Garden Gates in Delray Beach.

Create your own Garden Gate. Share your creation (particularly innovations!) and tag WiseTribe and using the hashtags #GetDirtyInDelray #UpCycle #Innovation.

How You Can Support

Purchase a Garden Gate for your home or business, or give the gift of a Garden Gate to friends, family, or someone in Delray who would benefit from having one donated to them.  They will love your thoughtfulness for a striking, stylish home accessory that fosters social skills in young salespeople as they consult with you on a custom design.

Connect us to materials and resources, such as wood pallets, disposed plastics, paint, soil and seeds through your person network.

Donate $50 to cover the cost of designing, constructing and delivering a Garden Gate.