WiseTribe uses community participation and afterschool programming to promote dynamic approaches to learning which strengthen local schools and foster whole human development.

Project-based learning sponsored by WiseTribe allows students to acquire life skills through experiential learning, heightening social awareness, environmentalism, and marketplace savvy.  Students, their families, and ultimately, their communities are served as next generation social entrepreneurs are prepared for real-world problem solving.

Together with WiseTribe you can explore ways to innovate with our local schools so we can realize human potential, prepare as a community for a fast-changing jobs market, and encourage development of a lifelong learning culture.

Join with like-minded citizens to support schools and youth organizations in producing community prosperity and well-being today and for future generations.

So if you consider yourself an innovator, problem solver, influencer, advocate, trend setter, or community entrepreneur, please consider joining WiseTribe in one or all of the following projects either as a project donor, project participant, or volunteer.  

Food Solutions Youth Leadership

WiseTribe, culturally active chefs, and teachers work with student leaders to develop their organizational, entrepreneurial and leadership skills.

Educational Gardens and Culinary Youth Coaching

Teaching students responsibility, production techniques, and task completion through community and school vegetable gardens

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Experiential Learning

Drilling down on job worthy technical skills by using gardening as a metaphor for STEM skills

Book Donations

“Harvesting” books from their home libraries to donate to local libraries and schools

Word of the Week

Teaching young people new words and building their vocabulary, leading to healthy and economically viable communities

1000 WiseTriber Behavior Mentor

Building a network of volunteers and experts to mentor, coach, and guide students to positive outcomes that prepare them for advanced education and upwardly mobile jobs