Food Solutions Youth Leadership

The What

WiseTribe, culturally active chefs, and teachers work with student leaders to develop their organizational, entrepreneurial and leadership skills.

The Why

A problem-based, experiential learning methodology is better not only for student advancement but for their families and their improved health. It provides a pathway to the future that is focused on both environmentalism and healthcare.  An educational rubric for sustainability leads to greater systems thinking, learning the breadth and complication of issues rather than a binary right or wrong perspective. For example, Delray has a restaurant-based economy. By becoming a feeder system into the Atlantic High School culinary academy and organizing food production professionals as part of the Carver learning experience, WiseTribe will help build a talent pool of students powering the local economy. This is a modern day civics project encouraging students and families to think through environmental,  social and economic responsibilities in our local community in the context of nutritional food production practices.

The Who

Understanding social, economic and environmental aspects of food systems brings system thinking to life. Providing access to healthy food and learning about healthy diets leads to social justice and food access. This WiseTribe-Carver project brings immediate awareness to the need for food solutions, calling forth the next-generation leaders to be problem solvers, addressing climate change and environmental justice. Carver students will learn that leadership involves utilizing their skills and their knowledge of economic development to understand the pathway to health and social justice.