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Well being (i.e., a sense of purpose, meaning, and realization of our full potential) is the core of everything WiseTribe does because it leads to productive, fruitful lives and stronger communities.

WiseTribe connects like-minded people who are eager to engage in important, timely community conversation devoted to civil society, public involvement for quality of life, and collective well-being.  

We invite you to join us and collaborate on creative ideas for community projects which increase wisdom, health and healing.

So if you consider yourself an innovator, problem solver, influencer, advocate, trend setter, or community entrepreneur, please consider joining WiseTribe in one or all of the following projects either as a project donor, project participant, or volunteer.  

Drumming Experiences

Inviting drummers to set a tone that brings out our deepest feelings of humanity

Musical Meatless Mondays

Combining learning, healthy eating, and community collaboration in a garden setting surrounded by drummers and other music

Saying “No” to Plastics

Working with communities, not-for-profits, schools and individuals to be resource-wise and attuned to sustainability

Sustainability Sing-Alongs

More info coming soon!

Fun Shades

More info coming soon!

Civic Conversations over Meals

Bringing us together for meals and meaningful conversation about the positive and productive ways we can grow forward together as a diverse community

Mindfulness and Community Meditations

Organizing groups of over 100 people to promote a healing vision for the community and share the beauty of our parks