Drumming for 21st Century Wellbeing & Civics

The What

Youth group drumming provides an ideal framework for social-emotional skills building, such as emotion management, focus and listening, while also fostering a deep sense of community.

The Why

Group drumming is inclusive and reflects cultural diversity; it is non-verbal, universal, and does not require previous experience for participation.

Evidence-based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, a study published in the Oxford Journal shows that group drumming can improve social and emotional behavior in low-income children. This study demonstrates how group drumming can significantly improve such problem behaviors as:

●      Withdrawal/Depression ●      Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity
●      Post Traumatic Stress ●      Oppositional Defiance
●      Anxiety ●      Sluggish Cognitive Tempo

The Who

In collaboration with the Milagro Teen Center, WiseTribe is involved in a 12-week arts therapy pilot collaboration via group drumming with Carver Middle School students between September and November 2018. Weekly facilitated drum circles intend to decrease student conflict and create positive social climates through drumming and dialogue circles.

How You Can Participate

Join us at a drum circle!  Check out our Events page for more details.