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1000 WiseTribers

Activate Change = #1000WT

Become a #1000WT

Become a #1000WT

Change begins with a person who says, "I believe we can do better." 

When you become a #1000WT at just $5 per month, you join a movement. A group of people who are building a healthier, wiser world, one action at a time.

Your monthly gift fuels WiseTribe's efforts to build a tribe of intentional change-makers for collective impact in the areas of food, learning and well-being. 

When you seed personal change at $5 per month, you receive: 

  • Exclusive content that helps you discover how to adopt behaviors to build a healthier, wiser world (the 10 #wiseways). 
  • Connection to a community of inspirational change-makers, like you! 
  • An opportunity to contribute to our quarterly Forward-Thinking Vision Report, which helps demonstrate how your support contributes to collective impact.

Become a #1000WT 

Act now with these tips:

Honor your impact

Don't minimize your behaviors, whether healthy or unhealthy. Chances are, you're a model for someone else. When you refuse a plastic bag, buy something second-hand, and plan meals to reduce waste, you're creating a ripple of change and making a difference.  

Be kind

"We're all here to help each other get through this thing, whatever it is." We love this quote from Kurt Vonnegut Jr. It reminds us that we're all part of the human tribe and that none of us are immune to difficulty. Challenge yourself to interact respectfully with people, even when you disagree, and to stand up against injustice. 


It's easy to feel overwhelmed by the scope of global problems. But there is always something you can do. Becoming a #1000WT and volunteering are two things you can do, right now, to help redirect our world toward health and prosperity.