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Activate Change = #1000WT

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Activate Change

A WiseTriber knows we're healthier together.

They understand that the remedies for the issues of our time can only be realized together, as a tribe of intentional change makers

WiseTribers seek solutions that challenge the status quo. They refuse to stand idly by admiring problems: our ailing food system, skyrocketing rates of chronic disease and mental health concerns, inequity, political division, and environmental degradation. Instead, they commit to solving them. Along the way, they nurture new mindsets, learn and grow...together. 

Are we describing you? 

Become a #1000WT today! 

Imagine the power of 1000 people acting intentionally to design a healthier future. We envision 1000 people combining their skills and wisdom to correct our course, re-routing it toward prosperity and wellbeing - for everyone. (Hence #1000WT.) 

Our formula is simple: Activate 1000 people who, like you, value community, learning, and personal growth. Add WiseTribe's defined and structured tools to teach each WiseTriber how to model and spread the principles of healthy minds and bodies. The sum seeds personal growth and systemic change within and across communities. Now, visualize 1000 individual seeds sprouting in a previously bare field and flourishing together. That transformation illustrates the power of #1000WT to reimagine and redesign our world to be healthier, prosperous, and wiser. 

Are you a seed of change? Join us!

Click below to explore the different ways to seed change as a #1000WT.