Last week marked the highest concentration of CO2 in the Earth’s atmosphere in over half a million years.

Scientist have been warning there is already enough carbon dioxide and methane currently in the atmosphere which will continue to make the world warmer for many decades to come.

To dramatically reduce the carbon footprint within the next 10 years to preserve the health of our planet and ourselves, we need to significantly upgrade our way of living toward carbon-reducing lifestyles.

Project Drawdown

If you haven’t heard of Project Drawdown, we are excited to introduce you to this comprehensive action-based guide for drawing down lethal levels of carbon dioxide and methane to reduce global warming.

The term “Drawdown” refers to the point at which levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere stop climbing and then steadily decline, ultimately reversing global warming.

Based on world-class research from scientists all over the world, Project Drawdown proposes 100 solutions for effectively constructing a climate-safe world via the seven following categories:   

What we truly appreciate about Project Drawdown is that it embraces the crisis of climate change as a true opportunity to collectively work together by implementing thoughtful solutions within our lives to lay a pathway toward a wiser world.

Interested in testing your own understanding of lifestyle shifts you can make to reduce global warming? Take this pop quiz to learn more about how you can help produce climate solutions. Some of the answers might surprise you!