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Mission & History

Mission & History

Picture of a hand-painted sign saying "Community in Action"


WiseTribe is a community learning organization. Our mission is to transform the well-being of youth through learning projects that build problem-solving skills, resilience and community. 

Our History

WiseTribe founder Jacqueline Botting realized her calling—connecting people and contributing to creating a better world—in 2013, after years in New York serving the public sector and technology industry. She relocated to South Florida to pursue her vision for transformed humanity, and in 2016, WiseTribe earned its 501(c)(3) status.

She began organizing forward-thinking people in South Florida who were drawn to a vision of people collaborating toward a healthier, wiser world. By 2017, food, learning and well-being were identified, consistently, as key areas in need of transformation in our workshops. With these themes in mind, WiseTribe launched an iterative process for gradually building grassroots projects with a vision of braiding these projects into emerging opportunities for systemic change.

Seeds were planted and sown, literally and figuratively. Some thrived. Some didn't. #UnitedWeGrow became a call to action. Like-minded people learned together, 'WiseTribers' gathered and experimented. We adopted #wiseways and brainstormed using The 4C's as our community learning process. At the end of 2019, a transformational vision for our schools took root with SouthTech Preparatory Academy to build a Food Citizenship Institute.