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Wisdom & Well-Being

The greatest wealth is health.

Burnout is everywhere and mental health is the crisis of the 21st century. The dizzying pace of our world is leading to chronic stress, leading to disease and dismay.

Our initiatives promote healthy habits and paradigm shifts to increase public health and preserve the environment. WiseTribers are ditching single-use plastics, practicing mindfulness, and connecting meaningfully for a wiser world.

WiseTribe connects forward-thinking people to transform all the places where we live, work, and play into healthier spaces for mind, body, and spirit. 

Our school mindfulness programming enhances teachers' well-being and gives them the tools to integrate lessons in their classrooms. These practices literally reconfigure the brain, helping young people learn to manage stress, cope with difficulty, and respond with resilience for a lifetime. When you become a #1000WT or make a donation, you help fund community well-being programs like this one. 


Live better right now with these tips:

Try Yoga Nidra

We recently introduced this practice, which promotes deep rest and relaxation, to teachers at SouthTech Preparatory Academy. 

Start a Journal

Follow us on social media for regular journal prompts, or become a #1000WT to explore this practice of wellness and discovery even further. 


This isn't a shameless plug for volunteers (though we hope you join us!) - volunteering provides growth, enrichment, learning, friendships, even better health