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Our Impact


Well-Being & Wisdom

Well-being Impact

• 7 mindfulness teacher workshops
• 6 community wellness projects
• 5 community books clubs 
• 4 annual summer camps

Apply for our Well-Being Committee

Commit to a 12 week service learning project to provide experiential Well-Being education to youth & teachers. 

Support Our Schools

Help us support Title I schools by advocating for youth, teacher and school well-being.

MYTH: Schools Foster Well-Being

Teachers laying outside to meditate

The fact is mental health is a worldwide crisis, and schools are an epicenter of stress. 

Our in-school programs teach students how to: 

  • Release tension and anxiety
  • Thrive despite a lack of resources
  • Identify stress-busting foods
  • Build growth mindsets

As they gain hands-on experience, students become more aware of:

  • What's in their control (so they can find calm in chaotic environments)
  • Mindfulness practices that help calm anxious minds—and encourage peak performance
  • The importance of nutrition to mental health (including vitamins and minerals)
  • The role relationships play in supporting well-being—at home, at school and for future careers
  • Growing concerns about excessive technology use (trading screen-time for well-being time)
  • How nature serves as medicine (improving physical health, self-esteem and mood)

Together we're transforming well-being within a single generation—and that has the power to reach beyond.

Well-Being Wise

We have the power to build lifestyle practices that promote self-care to combat our stressed-out, burnt-out, exhausted world.

Let's let wellness lead the way.

Join us in defining what it means to create a healthy, wise world through well-being. From building healthy practices to understanding the role our environments play on overall well-being, together, we can build a healthy, wise world—one human at a time.

When you become a WiseTriber, we provide actionable, science-backed practices and tips you can embrace and share with your loved ones to find calm and relaxation.

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