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What We Do

WiseTribe helps people, schools, and communities align their potential for greater well-being and prosperity. Learn more and get involved.

  • Dina, 18 * Student and Junior WiseTriber
    Dina, 18 * Student and Junior WiseTriber

    "The systems practice course we did with WiseTribe gave me a way of seeing complex problems more clearly. You can see how everything is interconnected and that systems produce patterns of behavior, some positive and some negative."

Our Impact This Year

Our world is changing. It's more complex than ever. We are bombarded by news about ailing human and natural resources, stretched to the breaking point. The related challenges threaten the stability of families and communities.

Together, we must forge a path to realize balance with natural laws of health, harmony, and abundance. As a community learning organization, WiseTribe is leading this charge.  

We unite people to build new skills to re-imagine and re-design systems that influence our health, well-being, and prosperity. WiseTribers accept greater responsibility to make the world healthier and wiser. Transformation begins with individual learning and behavior change that, in turn, reshapes our communities and world. 

We must act urgently, together and as individuals, to build a world we want to live in and are proud to leave to future generations. WiseTribe fuels this movement, uniting people committed to intentionally creating a healthier, wiser world.  



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