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Our Impact


Learning Forward

Learning Impact

• 2000h youth leadership coaching
• 1000+ plastic bottles upcycled
• 100 wood pallets upcycled
• 104 plant-based culinary adventures
• 22 community gardening & composting demonstrations
• 2 educational gardens installed
• 1 Robotics Club


Apply for our Learning Committee

Commit to a 12 week service learning project to strengthen our learning programs. Experienced educators and facilitators wanted.

Support Healthy Schools

Help us support Title I schools by implementing project-based learning.

MYTH: Schools Prepare Children for the Real World

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Unfortunately, they don't. That's why we are helping schools keep pace with the skills that are required for a healthy, wise future.

Our in-school project-based learning programs allow students to: 

  • Collaborate on grassroots issues
  • Exercise critical thinking skills
  • Find their own understanding and pathways
  • Develop deep, embodied learning

As they gain hands-on experience, students become more aware of:

  • Their role in designing a better future (through growth in emotional intelligence and empathy)
  • Personal tools for change-making—from time, energy and skills to financial literacy and meal-planning
  • Their own learning styles (helping them play to their personal strengths)
  • How to contribute in a group setting (producing impactful group outcomes)
  • Approaches for implementing grassroots change (designing, developing and delivering projects)
  • The importance of wellness practices to optimize academic performance—at home and at school)
  • Emerging technology and trends—that are changing the way we live, learn and create

Together we're transforming learning within a single generation—and that has the power to reach beyond.

Learning Wise

We have the power—as a community of learners—to prepare for a rapidly changing world. 

Let's build a culture of lifelong learning. 

Join us in defining what it means to create a healthy, wise world through learning. Together, we can make a difference—from acts of imagination to exercises in implementation—one learner at a time.

When you become a WiseTriber, we provide you with personal growth tips and identify community opportunities for creating lifelong learning.

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