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Learning Forward

Prepare for the Real World

Our world and economy are rapidly changing, demanding that we keep up. 

WiseTribe supports schools and communities with innovative programming to prepare students for a rapidly evolving, uncertain job market.

Our project-based learning equips students and forward thinkers to approach complex real-world problems as a team. WiseTribe’s experiential learning heightens social awareness, environmentalism, and social entrepreneurship. Our learning efforts are designed to help us move toward a healthier, sustainable future.

Our Junior WiseTribers program is producing a generation of wise leaders through activities, mentorship, and community projects. 

Exchange Wisdom 

Our Wisdom Exchanges use the power of dialogue to transform communities. WiseTribe's 4Cs learning process stimulates grassroots solutions to problems commonly facing our communities. 

Check out our event calendar for upcoming Wisdom Exchanges, discussions, and other learning opportunities. Also, consider sharing your skills as a volunteer or a WiseTriber.  

Learning Impact

  • 1,750 coaching hours of youth leadership for a sustainable future
  • 1000+ plastic bottles and 100 wood pallets upcycled to container gardens
  • 104 plant-based culinary adventures with youth
  • 22 community gardening & composting demonstrations
  • 2 educational gardens installed
  • 1 Robotics club