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Food Transformation

Our Impact


Are you a Food Citizen?

We are on the cusp of a food revolution. 

Our food system is in trouble: it's simply unsustainable. Agriculture already accounts for the bulk of our water and land use, and most human-generated greenhouse gases. A growing, increasingly urbanized population is stretching limited resources, already taxed by climate change, to the breaking point. 

We must radically change our diets and our mindsets about how we live and grow our food.

Our traditional approach, dependent on public entities for leadership and funding, will not work for such a monumental redesign. Rather, the impetus is on all of us: individuals, communities, and societies. 

We all must become Food Citizens. 

Food Citizens are more than conscious consumers. Food Citizens are informed, deliberate, and active. They understand the issues with the food system and the far-reaching impact of what they choose to eat. 

At WiseTribe, we help people become Food Citizens by providing a "prescription" of actions to change mindsets about food production and our diets. We encourage people to take further action by becoming a #1000WiseTriber, join us in the field as a volunteer, and give Meatless Monday a try at home with these recipes