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Food Land

Food is essential. It is universal. It involves feeding, cooking, and sharing. These factors make it a natural vehicle for progress and positive change.

For these reasons, we invite you to play Food Land. 

Food Land is a points-based game for building a healthy, sustainable future through food. Food Land is played by Junior WiseTribers, their parents and school families to build positive food-related behaviors in the places we live and learn. 

Food Land builds awareness by engaging us in food-related behaviors that support, rather than threaten, the development of a democratic, socially & economically just, and environmentally sustainable food system.

Food Land prompts us as consumers and citizens of the world to take action locally to help build healthy, equitable, and sustainable food systems by learning and using new food skills.

By increasing our knowledge of harmful food production practices and engaging in healthy food-related behaviors, we can begin to restore balance and health to a broken food system. A food “consumer” label suggests minimal (or no) involvement in how one’s food is produced and processed. In contrast, a “citizen” is informed, deliberate, and active. “Consumer” implies a passive identity, which undermines the value and function of the individual.

When you play Food Land, we all win.