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Catalyze Change!

Get involved with WiseTribe: 

As a WiseTriber, your unique talents, interests, and passion are part of the solution. When you roll up your sleeves and dig in, it moves us closer to a healthier, wiser world. Gain new friends, new skills, and new purpose by becoming a WiseTriber.

As a Junior WiseTriber, your mindset, actions and decisions will define the quality of our future. You are the future! 

Become a Junior WiseTriber through your school or youth organization and you can build the skills the change our world. WiseTribe provides you with the knowledge and wisdom to:

  • Build personal and professional skills
  • Design and implement solutions
  • Play a role in shaping a healthy, sustainable future.
  • Increase the health, well-being and prosperity of children, families and communities 

As a donor, your investment will cultivate a community with the skills to address complex societal problems. Help build a better world for future generations:

  • Develop teamwork
  • Create forward-thinking projects
  • Accelerate youth empowerment
  • Foster a healthy culture
  • Champion systemic change


Be the change today!